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Reach’s Cloud Predictive Marketing Grows Significantly in 2017

2017 was a big year for marketing AI. It was the year we lifted B2C predictive marketing into the cloud and the year both consumers and marketers really got a glimpse of the potential of marketing AI in general. We’ve seen predictions that AI will transform entire industries and we’ve been warned that it could …

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AI-Assisted Consumer Targeting 101 – Part 2: Segmenting, Wrangling and Modeling

It’s not news that modern sales and marketing teams are harnessing the power of predictive analytics and AI to stay competitive. Predictive modeling uses data to solve business problems and ensures that key insights about current and potential customers don’t go undetected. Predictive analytics is one of the hottest growth areas in marketing and many …

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What Do You Think You Know about Affluent Consumers?

As America’s demographics shift, the tastes and desires of affluent buyers change as well. The number and median income of affluent buyers, defined as Americans with more than $100,000 in annual income, is growing. Both millennials and older affluent buyers are interested in buying a home in the next three years, but not a McMansion; …

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Wine Marketing: What to Do and Not Do

More than 38 billion bottles of wine find their way to shelves and consumers’ homes each year, which means you have many opportunities to reach your target market and win a coveted spot on their wine rack. Being the best producer is not enough to get you ahead, however. You have a lot of competition …

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Insurance for the Invisible Driver

Google’s self-driving car tests have logged more than two million miles and many other companies are following suit. General Motors has predicted that autonomous vehicles could be commonplace as soon as 2020. Driverless cars are no longer just a concept; they’re about to be a part of everyday life. Insurance companies face a much different …

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