Financial Services

Reach Analytics helps financial service firms discover, up-sell, and retain consumers of a wide array of financial products. Over the course of three decades of developing the financial services practice, Reach Analytics has uncovered many insights and created a variety of analytic tools that are specifically tuned for banks, credit unions, wealth management firms, mortgage/real estate, and other financial services providers. These tools streamline multiple processes that are essential to maximizing marketing efficiency and ROI in the financial sector and include:

  • Sophisticated “spider” householding to link multiple accounts across multiple addresses
  • High-wealth household identification
  • New customer acquisition
  • Cross-sell, up-sell analyses


Healthcare reform has and will continue to necessitate the need for predictive analytics in order to optimize profitability and quality patient care. Reach Analytics works with leading payer and provider organizations in the U.S. to help them understand this increasingly regulated environment and redefine their marketing and operational strategies. Decades of experience in this sector helps healthcare providers implement the optimal acquisition, measurement, and retention tactics that will allow them to not only survive, but thrive under the new health care directives. Proprietary applications are customized and implement in solutions that address:

  • Health care scoring
  • Application base risk scoring
  • Attrition identification
  • Wellness program management
  • Preventable hospital admissions / readmissions


For more than three decades, Reach Analytics’ predictive solutions have helped some of the leading insurance providers focus on their best prospects, as well as retain and grow their current customers. Reach Analytics works with leading property & casualty and life insurance providers to help solve complex marketing challenges and execute highly-efficient marketing programs across a variety of products and a multitude of channels.

  • New Customer Acquisition – across direct, Web, and retail channels
  • Credit, demographic, and event trigger-based marketing programs
  • Web-Lead Scoring for profitability
  • Cross-sell, Up-sell analyses
  • Current Marketing/Media Program Efficiency Scoring
  • “Likely Customer” Market assessment and segmentation

Retail & eCommerce

Predictive analytics can play a major role in developing customer and segment intelligence, which can drive more efficient marketing programs and fuel growth across the enterprise in customer acquisition, activation, upsell, and cross-sell. Reach Analytics’ predictive technology solutions helps retailers and e-commerce sites by integrating external demographic, psychographic, financial, and behavioral data along with the data you already have about your members, subscribers, and customers to:

  • Provide a more complete picture of hand-raisers, buyers, and best customers
  • Find more prospects like them
  • Identify new areas for growth
  • Win back customers that have faded away

Consumer Services

Reach Analytics supports service companies with data and predictive technology solutions aimed at revealing the attributes of their best customers and of new prospects that look like them. We maintain a data warehouse that contains multi-vectored data on virtually every household in the U.S., including thousands of descriptive attributes covering billions of fields. Combining this data with our predictive analytics engine, allows us to see a more meaningful and comprehensive picture of your marketplace and model, test, and implement focused approaches that solve your real-world marketing challenges. Our approach produces actionable customer and segment intelligence, which drives more efficient marketing programs and fuels growth across the enterprise in customer acquisition, activation, up-sell, and cross-sell.

Whether you’re a new customer to Reach Analytics or an existing customer looking to optimize your investment in our predictive data solutions, we will work with you to develop the right solution for your organization.

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