Response Modeling Infographic

Discover the ins and outs of Reach Analytics’ self-service predictive marketing platform and learn how Reach changes the game for brands, agencies and nonprofits by automating the predictive process.

CASE STUDY: Health Insurance Company Increases Social Conversion To Sale By 2000%

When a healthcare insurance technology company wanted to generate better conversions for a recent campaign, they used the Reach Analytics predictive marketing platform to develop a list of new and relevant prospects who could be targeted via email and social.

CASE STUDY: Top 10 Private Bank Increases Customer Acquisition by 39%

The wealth management division of a top-ranked private U.S. bank sought to increase its rate of customer acquisition. The bank turned to Reach Analytics to profile their existing clients and to improve the targeting of their annual customer acquisition campaign. Download the case study to learn more.

WHITE PAPER: 5 Myths of Predictive Marketing

The term predictive marketing can conjure up thoughts of either complicated data science or mystical fortune-telling. But it is really not that complicated or mysterious. Download our new paper to learn about the top misconceptions in predictive marketing today.


CASE STUDY: How to Acquire New Luxury Customers

When a top purveyor of high-end linens was planning catalogue and email campaigns they turned to Reach Analytics to acquire new customers and expand its US market footprint for their spring product line. The brand’s marketing team had some idea of who their customers were, but needed a clearer picture of what set their customers apart in the market.